Sunday, January 31, 2010

Murder of Crow!

How many crow are in a murder? Enough to fill a pie? Four and 20? I don’t rightly know ~ what I do know is that on this particular Sunday I indeed have a murder of Crow in my kitchen. Now for most this might be upsetting ~ for me it brings a gladness!

You might be wondering about this – though the photo that is posted makes it a bit clear that they are not alive ~ well that’s not the word I might use. I am glad to have them in my tiny little kitchen, I am also grateful that they are here today. Today marks six years to the day that many of us gathered to share and acknowledge the passing of a friend.

It is because of this friend, Rick Rudolph that the rendition of a moon calendar were first printed. I had desired to be able to let him know that I was thinking of him during his illness. Sadly, my friend, artist and fellow human never saw a single calendar. He passed before the year came anew. I find ~ I still miss him.

I am reminded that we never truly don’t have folks in our lives, once we have created space at our table for them, they are forever with us. They leave a mark as playful or hurtful as we allow. This murder of Crow that hangs on the line…well, they will become the next New Moons marking. Falling on Valentine’s Day, and the Tibetan New year, prayer paper behind them on the calendar, it is a reminder to me and hopefully to those that receive the calendar to remember to tell those they love of their love. In the blink of an eye, all things can and do change.

There is also a gladness for me around this printing as I am aware of how much I missed the magic and mystery of silk screening; for the last three seasons of summer, fall and most of winter I have not printed. On this anniversary and the second printing of the Moon Calendar for the year, thank you Rick. Thank you Tirzah, Ann. Debbie and Mo, friends who have stood gently by asking and reminding me of this magic.

My kitchen magic depends on being able to create for myself and to have the warmth of friendship at my table. Art for me is a bit like cooking you can know what goes into creating something ~ yet one; or at least I depend on the kitchen magic; I never truly know how they will be in the end. I am grateful for all my friends, those I still have near and those that are near to me, as whispers on the wind. I want you all to know that you are loved. If I have forgotten to tell you today…I am telling you NOW. I love you!

May you find ways to feed your soul, as well as your body.

photo taken in my kitchen 31 January 2010


  1. Great piece, and looking forward to the returning of the calendars.

  2. I must say so am I. I do enjoy doing them. The small space gets tricky yet, I make it work for all the rest of my life why not this?