Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's All About the Process.

Food, art, friendships, these things don’t tend to happen in an instant. There is also a great deal of mystery and alchemy that happens in each of these processes to my way of thinking any way. I am grateful for those moments of magic, when you have a sense of what you want something to come out like – yet you’re not sure what it will be like in the next moment.

I have gotten to know people in ways that I have had to stand back and go WOW! I would never have thought or known how amazing this person is, if I’d not been willing to stay with the process of getting to know them, of looking beyond what met my eye.

Food, the time it takes to prepare a dish, that brings us to a place of comfort when we need it. Having to check to see if we have all the ingredients…then the process of preparing….We know perhaps what it will be …yet each time, the moment is new. The dish recalling old memories and creating new places.

I am constantly amazed when I silk screen at the magic that happens there as well. I have a general idea of what I think I want – yet until the colour meets the screen and the paper – the Image of what will be is unknown.

There is a certain amount of that kind of mystery and magic when it comes to living into our authentic selves as well. We are not always sure how or what that may look like to others. My question is does it feel right inside? A bit edgy as we make the changes we need as we become truer to who we are? I think all of this is a good thing, it says, out of our comfort zone. It gives us a chance to laugh and or cry….and as my grandchild once said to me…..”You know a good cry just washes everything clean.” A new beginning.

As I have watched myself change some of my favorite recipes to fit the fact that I can no longer eat wheat, I have found I am more able to stay with that same sort of gentle process, as I look deeper into me. I am always grateful to friends who are willing to let me try out new food creations – I find that I am also eternally Amazed and Grateful that as I grow into myself, deeper, truer, more of ME – that my friends are willing to stand by my side and Love me all the more.

I Hope for all of you, the same wonder as you explore who YOU are becoming as the tides of the world ask us to stand up and be counted. To walk to the Well of Compassion, to Honour all Life, to be the Divine Beings we are meant to be.

May Grace be with you.

If you close you will see how the image changes...each colour adding itself to the print. Begin- April 14th - May 13th 2010 Moon calendar.

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