Thursday, April 1, 2010

Re-membering Ourselves As Rain.

Consider that the human body is about 60-72% water. Our bones are approximately 22-26% water. That we can live with out food for days, yet we must have water in some form to keep from dehydration. That water pure and simple holds life.

So why is it that when it rains, do we become upset, despondent, down right depressed? Not always, yet sometimes this does happen. There are times that we pray for rain, are happy and grateful even as it finally starts it’s rhythm on the ground, roofs, our skin.

I am wondering since it is my belief that we are all connected to each other, to the Earth, it’s plants, animals, minerals. That maybe we become despondent when it rains, for we miss being able to fall from the sky, that somehow our bodies re-member being a part of the greater cycle of life, re-member begin rain.

I would like to invite us to consider that perhaps the rain is sharing information with us that we have forgotten how to hear. Dr. Masaru Emoto, wrote a book the Secret Life of Water, were in he talks and shares with us some of what he learned by watching individual crystals of water. Seems that like snow flakes no two are exactly alike. Just as none of us, though we are similar we are not exactly alike.

What information might we be learning if instead of being upset about the rain, we were to realize and embrace the importance of it’s falling. Not only are we 72% water, for the Earth, our home it is the same. We all need hydration. Hydra – hydro form the Greek meaning water. There are cycles and season, in which more rain seems to fall. Here in the Northern Hemisphere that is usually Spring. Spring’s elemental force is water. Spring begins in a fire sign, Aries ( to thaw what has been frozen) and quickly moves into a water sign, Pisces (bringing growth, and or emotions of change).

Tears, like rain help clear a path, open new spaces for growth. Water is Sacred, we have indeed forgotten how to hear the messages that it brings. Might we invite ourselves to consider begin in harmony with the rain, with our tears? Invite ourselves to Re-member when we bathed in the waters of the womb. What an amazing mystery and miracle that is! Yes, in some many ways we too are the rain!

What might it take for us to Re-member when we ourselves were the rain, might we return to being rain? What messages are waiting for us in each drop of this Life giving force? How often in pain have you stood in a shower of warm water running down your body, feel familiar? Or sat in a tub for relaxation, and comfort? For me there is a gentle quietness that comes when I am surrounded by water.

Today as you, stop for a glass of water, invite yourself to feel and know how amazing and Sacred the water in your hand is, what does it have to offer your body? What is it that we have to offer the water of the world? Both of us are offering Life.

May you find yourself in harmony with the water or waters you come in contact with today. In ending let me share with you a Madagascan saying 'Let your love be like the misty rain, coming softly, but flooding the river'. May we too, walk softly giving thanks for the rain, even when it floods the river.

Photo - after 3 days of heavy rain in March...I found this in a friend's garden, I too wanted to be inside the drops hanging from the branch, knowing what life will spring forth.



  2. Yes, I have also seen them -weren't they marvelous!